Some Things Have Happened

I feel so lame!! I get on a good kick of posting, and then I let life (or True Blood) rule my free time and I get behind!  Ugh!  I anticipate this may happen again closer to Em's wedding, which is October 12th. Yay! :)

Let's see, since the last weekend recap (too long ago), I have spent an evening with my Little and my brother watching The Dark Knight, and went dancing at an outdoor concert with my friend Jess, before which we enjoyed some Daiquiris.  This was a super fun weekend to enjoy right before I left for Vegas.
Then we left on Sunday to go to Vegas...you can see another post for that!
The following weekend, there was a 5k that benefited our friend Kyle, who has been blessed with the news that he is heading to Duke this month to begin pulmonary therapy which will greatly increase his chances of being put on the lung transplant list!  God is good. <3 font="">
Since then, we've been a little lazy, enjoying time at home.  We've been resting up, because we head to Omaha this weekend!  We can't wait!
Monday morning work picture...UGH!

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  1. Your night with Jess looks like a blast!! I will have to try daiquiri factory again sometime :) Also, wish I could have made the race! Great news that they get to go to Duke for therapy!!