October Recap

I hope some day, I will delve into more detail about all of the fun that has happened in October, but here's a quick summary!

We celebrated Emily's bachelorette party on October 5th!  It was extremely fun and Emily has been blessed with many good friends in her life.

The next weekend, on October 12th, my baby sister exchanged vows with her now HUSBAND! Ahhh, she's married!  It was such a fun and beautiful day.  Emily looked like a model and I had a great time with family and friends.
The following weekend, we went to McGregor/Prairie Du Chein with Ryan's parents and their friends.  We had an awesome time, it was so beautiful up there, as always!
And last weekend, Brooke and I went to our friend Dalila's halloween party and we had an awesome time just getting ready for the party.  Our makeup was extremely time consuming, but it was worth it!
Happy Hump Day!! Enjoy the last couple days of October! :)

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