Technology Fiasco

So it all started with my cell phone acting up every time I tried to send a text message.  When I used the keyboard, it would muultiiiippply almost every other letter in a word!  It was so frustrating.  I brought it into AT&T who were going to gladly replace my phone free of charge, but I couldn't get a hold of Ryan for his SSN# when I was in the store, so she gave me a number to call from home.  

I called from home, no problem, but when it came to having to restart my phone, because you have to try it all before they'll send you a new one, she told me I would lost everything, contacts, pictures, music, etc.  And I freaked, of course, because in the store, they totally would have backed all of that up for me.  So of course, I put it off some more, but in the meantime discovered that Ryan was eligible for an upgrade and he wants to wait a little longer before shelling out $300 for a new iPhone...and maybe wait until they have the iPhone 5.  So he agreed to let me use his upgrade!

Exciting right?!  TOTALLY! ATT&T has $49 iPhone's right now, so completely affordable.  The next night, we ran some errands and were going to go to AT&T and get me an iPhone, but it was getting late, we hadn't started dinner yet, and I begrudgingly agreed to go home and we'd go the next night.  Well...we get home that night (last Monday) and our computer is not working.  It'll turn on, but an error message keeps showing up and we can't get past it.  The next night, my Dad gives us a boot disc so we can determine if it's the hard drive. That doesn't work right either.

In the mean time, I am a little disappointed I have to keep waiting on my phone, so my mood was blah!  No decent phone to spend my time on while we don't have a usable computer.  So over the next few days, my dad takes our computer to work and all of his IT/programming department get a good laugh at our seven year old computer and come to the conclusion that we shouldn't put another dime into it.  OK, fine, but now we have to go drop a load of cash that we were trying to save to buy a new computer.

So this past Sunday, we found a decent computer on "sale," still expensive in my opinion, so we finally have a working computer with working iTunes so on Monday, we went to AT&T and I finally got to sing "Hallelujah" as I turned on my brand new iPhone, which only cost me $49!  So there's that, we're a little broke now, but now we have working technology, so it was worth it.

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