April Goals

The goals are set in March were definitely attainable and it feels great to have met them all!  Here's a look at March:

Spend more time with myself. I think some me-time is in store this month. YUP! But partially because Ryan has gone out of town on business trips.  But the time I've spent with myself has been wonderfull.
Join Weight Watchers CHECK! And still going :)
Spend less money I'm pretty cure we accomplished this though I haven't looked at the budget breakdown yet.  But I have not been shopping for random stuff lately.  I really need new jeans, so spending less money probably cannot be an April goal.
Volunteer at the Humane Society My Little and I did volunteer at the H.S. once this month.  It's been hard for her and I to get together since I was sick for awhile...but we loved it and we plan to go back again!

Here are some reasonable goals for April:
Meet my 10 Pound Goal I'm hoping to FINALLY get to my 5 pound goal today...slow process!
Read a new book Reading has just not sounded appealing lately...but once I start a book, I always want to keep going.  Any suggestions?!
Ride at least one 15 mile bike ride by the end of the month The RAGBRAI days we're riding start with a 57 mile day (easier), then a 75 mile day (wowza!), and ends with a 64 mile day...training for this is crucial, for me anyway!
Go to Church every Sunday Except when I'm in Ames/Des Moines, which is unfortunately Easter! Maybe I can find someone to go with me up there.  Hmm...

Happy April everyone! Be nice today, don't play any April Fool's Day jokes on people who don't appreciate them! =)


  1. I'm so freaking proud of you! Hooorah!

  2. Suggestion for a new book, Coming in May.
    RUBY RED - Kerstin Gier