And So They Said "I Do"

This past weekend, which I extended by a couple of a days by taking Friday and Monday off, was packed full of excitement!  It all started when I got off work on Thursday and ends right now as I get ready to return to work this morning.

Thursday Highlights
-Emily and I stopped for a delicious drink at River House
-We attended the Reba concert!
-Enjoyed some unheard of bands: Eden's Edge and Steel Magnolia
-Arrived home to friends!
-Played some games, watched some videos, went to bed way too late

Friday Highlights
-Morning walk & talk with Ashley
-Mani/Pedi with bride-to-be and friends!
-Beautiful drive up to Galena
-Catching up with long-distance friends
-Realizing how beautiful Nick & Em's wedding setting would be
-A delicious meal at the DeSoto hotel
-Getting to bed earlier than Thursday night

Saturday Highlights
-Early morning workout, despite forgetting tennis shoes
-Running errands/decorating/hanging out with Tessa, the other Personal Attendant
-Soaking in the sun on a warm, autumn day
-Witnessed the marriage of two of my best friends
-Candy Buffet
-Dancing for many hours to the reception's end at midnight
-After party on the deck


Sunday Highlights
-No hangover, some kind of miracle
-Being a part of the gift opening
-Brunch at a delicious diner, it was just what we needed
-Quick car ride home
-Seeing the kitties
-Going to the movie Drive, it was really good
-Realizing I didn't have to get up and go to work the next day

Monday Highlights
-Sleeping in!
-Ashley coming over
-Game of Thrones mini-marathon
-Making homemade jalapeno poppers, mmmm
-Making Pad Thai for supper
-Bierstube for football

I'm glad it's already Tuesday, but wish I had today off like my husband.  But honestly, I need to get back to a little routine in my life! Anyone want to be my workout partner and get me off my butt?


  1. Yay what a fun weekend!! I had some much fun at Reba wish I could have stayed late and hung out with you guys after!!

  2. Love seeing all your pics! Looks like a beautiful wedding! Congrats to Emily and Nick