Fall. Is. The. Best.

Fall brings happiness to me, in many many ways!  I love sweatshirt weather and crispy, local apples.  I love watching football...and playing fantasy football :)  I can't get enough of red, yellow, orange, brown, pink, and dark green leaves on trees and on the ground.  I love the smell of fire-pits burning leaves and twigs and pumpkin becomes my food/seasoning/drink of choice for a couple of months.

To celebrate fall arriving, Ryan and I went on a hike up at Maquoketa Caves State Park last Saturday.  Unfortunately, all caves in Iowa have been closed temporarily, but the park and trails are still beautiful!  I was so glad we had a free weekend to get up there before I gets too chilly, which seems like it won't happen since it's like 80 degrees this week!

I got to see some fallen leaves and some trees changing colors! Plus, it was a beautiful day, it was such a good 2.5 hour hike :)  After our hike, we met my parents and little bro at Bluff Lake, which I had NEVER been to before.  It's a total family style restaurant with all you can eat fish, coleslaw, and fries.  You get there and put your name on a list and wait for like an hour (or more I've heard).  Luckily, it was so gorgeous outside we just chilled on the deck by the lake with a pitcher of beer, it was fabulous.  Oddly, we ran into Stephanie and Kyle there too, who had driven up from Davenport like us for some fish!  It was a fun experience, with good cheap food and I can't wait to go back again.

What a great fall day!  Things I am looking forward to this fabulous fall week/weekend:
1. Reba concert tonight with my sister!
2. Andy and Ashley are coming to stay with us tonight.
3. Mani/pedi tomorrow morning with friends
4. To Galena to participate in the wedding weekend of our dear friends Nick & Emily
5. Exploring Galena and Dubuque on Sunday
6. Taking Monday off to relax!!!

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