Weekend Recap - Fall and Thrifting

The weekend actually started with a scary movie night with Jess and Ashley!  It was a lot of fun getting together with girl friends and staying in for a change.  We only got around to two movies of the three because we didn't think we'd be mentally prepared for the third one, Insidious. :) We watched Candyman and The Strangers.  Ashley and I remembered thinking Candyman was really terrifying as kids, but not so much anymore.  It was super bloody though, I didn't remember that...my poor sensitive stomach, lol.  The Strangers was definitely still creepy as ever!  My aunt was also in town and watched The Stangers with us.  When the movie was over, we say around for a little bit talking about real life ghost stories and weird stuff, it was good.

In the morning, I woke up at 5:15 to get ready for our McGregor/Prairie Du Chein trip.  Early, I know, but totally worth it.  Wouldn't want to cut our day of antiquing short!  Long story short, the guys went fishing while us ladies shopped :) I scored some great deals which I'll share at the end.

On Sunday, Ryan and I hit up the apple orchard and liquor store.  Liquor is much cheaper in Wisconsin!  We ate lunch at this classic burger stand, Pete's, and then shopped a little more in McGregor.  We watched the Green Bay game with Ryan's mom at this bar that made fantastic bloody mary's.
Eagle sitting on top of a dead deer at the pumpkin patch.
Pete's burger
With my mother-in-law, Go Bears!
CHEAP liquor!!

Ok, so I mentioned I did some shopping right?  I took pictures of everything we bought that weekend, I'll put the prices so you can be jealous of the deals I found :)
Pyrex, with the lid, talked down to $9
Dip mixes, only $1 each
Nordicware bar pan with lid, $12
Dress pants,$3.95, camel scarf $4,
Sunglasses $7.95, bracelet $5
From left to right, all of these are handles:
$13.50, $19.99, $20.99
New Glarus Sampler pack, you can only get this
beer in Wisconsin, $15.99
PUMPKINS!!! $5 TOTAL! (obviously my best score)
Local winery wine $10, Cheese curds $4.50, Honeycrisp apples $7

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