What I'm Listening To

I feel like I am at a total loss of creative things to post about!  But I think my blog was more interesting when I kind of just posted whatever I felt like...not always just recaps and recipes.  So bear with me, you may get a wide array of random posts, but hopefully that will result in more frequent posts.  I am sure I am listening to some "overplayed" songs, but I don't listen to the radio often, so when I hear one I like, I Shazam it and make a play list.  So here you go:
1. The Lumineers - Ho Hey

2. The Civil Wars - I've Got This Friend 
3. Taylor Swift (feat. Gary Lightbody) - The Last Time
4. Regina Spektor - Don't Leave Me
5. Bruno Mars - Locked Out Of Heaven
The first time I heard that Bruno Mars song, I really REALLY didn't think I liked it, but now, I thoroughly enjoy it.  There are lots of other songs I like right now, just can't think of them :)  Happy Thursday night!

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