One Month Recap

My goodness, time has gotten away for me!  I have had a life lately, I promise!  And it's worth talking about...I just have been distracted from me "me-time" so the blog has lost momentum.  

Here's a brief little recap of what's been going on since I last checked in:
Hannah and I went to the Holiday Pops concert.
Ashley, Mat, Ryan and I had a chance to catch up.
We got lights on the house!!
We celebrated Brad's birthday...
...things got competitive.
We put up a tree, AND decorated it!
We celebrated the holidays at my work party.
We made a shopping trip to Des Moines...
...visited friends and babies...
...and welcomed in the holidays :)
Ryan and I have been up to lots more, but I don't have pictures to prove it!  I'll be sure to update our holiday shenanigans.  Happy Monday!

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