Weekend Recap: October 24-26

Despite a gloomy drive on Friday, we ended up with some pretty rockin' weather for our annual fall weekend away!  Our weekend extended to two nights this year with my family renting a cabin "up north" the night before we were planning to go up with Ryan's family.  

We drove up to Marquette, Iowa on Friday afternoon with Emily and arrived at our amazing cabin with some daylight to spare!  Mom took some great pics while we still had light, then we moved inside for games and a steak dinner.  We ended the night with a fire and great conversation...it was wonderful.
On Saturday morning, Dad made a great breakfast and then Ryan and I headed out the door to meet his family for our annual outing!  Ryan spent the day fishing and I spent the day shopping with my mother-in-law and Ryan's godmother, Colleen.  We got to spend a little more time with my mom and sister too! :)

Saturday night, Ryan and I grabbed some dinner at Eddie's Irish Pub...even though the food ended up being great, we waited about an hour for it, so we didn't do much else Saturday night besides just relax.
Sunday morning, we ate some breakfast, stopped at Stark's to stock up on liquor (seriously, the best prices), and then grabbed a Bloody Mary with Ryan's momma before heading home.
As always, our weekend was wonderful and I am so grateful for my family and the beautiful country that we live in.  Life is good, we have it good, and I have so many things to be thankful for.  I am one lucky gal.

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