Weekend Recap: October 10-12

It's Monday...and I'm sick.  :(  I think I wore myself out this weekend!  Check out all of the fun I had:
Friday Highlights
  • Field Trip on my sub day with 7th graders
  • Lindsey came over after school for a catch up session
  • My sis, bro, and I got some chinese for dinner
  • I met Ali for a drink and then a Haunted House
Saturday Highlights
  • Hugging Brooke over and over and over
  • A wonderful turn out for B's baby shower
  • Staying after the shower ended to catch up with B
  • A great night at Aubry's wedding reception
  • LOWLIGHT: Quickly losing $40 at Jumer's, ha!
Sunday Highlights
  • Bears Win!
  • Put my new bedding on my bed
I need to try to relax a bit this week before another crazy weekend!  But as I've said in the past, all of this is worth it.  My friends and family mean the world to me so I want to celebrate with them as much as possible.  Next weekend, I'm looking forward to going to Jess' brother's wedding as her date!  It'll be a crazy time and I can't wait!  Just need to get healthy before then. :) Happy Monday!

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