O to the M to the AHA

Over memorial day weekend, Ryan and I went to Omaha to visit Laura, Jason, Ashley, and Andy! We got there around dinner time on Friday and stayed until Monday. When we arrived at Jason and Laura's, we grilled some delicious kebabs and Andy and Ashley came over to join us for dinner.

We had also stopped at this specialty beer store and picked up some good brews =) After dinner and a couple drinks, we headed to the Huber-Haus, a German bar in Midtown. We decided to tackle "Das Boot"!

The rule with Das Boot is that you are never to let the boot touch the table once it has been picked up. Also, the toe must always point towards the center of the circle.

We easily downed the first boot between the six of us, we decided to embark on a second boot...with darker beer. Ick! But I participated reluctantly, and it was a good night!

The next morning we went to the Omaha Farmer's Market...it was packed!! But it's such a good selection and we picked up some good stuff!

Later that afternoon, we toured Lucky Bucket Brewery and Distillery. It was a free tour and you got lots of free beer if you wanted it. It was really fun and I'm so glad Ashley found that for us to do.

We also made a trip to Cabela's and then spent the later part of the afternoon at Dave & Buster's being a kid again!

We went to this bar (name?) that was decked out in 60's style tiki bar decor and we got these sinful drinks called Zombie's. Ashley and I were DDing together though, so we just shared one...those are potent drinks!

We hit up a couple of other bars and played Euchre at a bar called The Library Pub.

The next day/night was more low-key. Ashley and I went shopping at the best stores: Scout and The Giving Tree. We also went to the mall and then HyVee to get groceries for dinner.

We cooked enchiladas and played Euchre that night. Then Ashley and I got the brilliant idea to get on Chat Roulette for the first time. It was funny, and semi-addicting. We didn't go to be until 3:00 am!!!

The next morning, we cooked breakfast and then had the intention of taking this cruise on the Missouri river. Unfortunately, the cruise was sold out...so we went to the Ped Bridge instead.

It was a gorgeous day out, and it was hard to leave. But we are looking forward to going back again soon to visit our good friends, that luckily only live five hours away!

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