The Wedding Experience - Bachelorette Party

Jaime took Alli and I up to Des Moines on Friday afternoon, February 19th. The drive was fantastic for about an hour and then we hit a snow storm half way through our trip! Needless to say, after several hours of stress, stopped traffic, and minor panic attacks...we finally made it to our hotel in Des Moines!

Ashley had already gotten stuff ready and was anxiously waiting for guests to arrive. There were nine girls there on Friday evening and we had a great time in the hotel room that night.

The girls threw me a lingerie shower, so I got lots of goodies :) We sat around drinking wine out of fun, labeled glasses and we munched and laughed and played games.

So many of my good friends were there and I truly cannot asked for a better group of girls to spend the weekend with! We had some funny moments and we stayed up really late...I'm kind of surprised the hotel staff didn't come a knockin'.

The next day, we headed over to Jordan Creek mall for mani/pedis and shopping. It was nice and relaxing before our big night out.

We went back to the hotel to get ready for dinner. Brooke helped me with my hair and then we headed out to the best japanese steakhouse in Des Moines, TAKI.

Our meal was to die for, and the entertainment didn't hurt either =) I had my fair share of Sake Bombs, "Sake, Sake, BOMB!" and then it was off to the Blue Moon Piano Bar!

The girls paid to get me on stage, without my permission mind you, to sing "Don't Stop Believing" and at first, I was soooo nervous. However, it took them like an hour to get me on stage, and in the mean time, I had a lot to calm me down. Alli took me around with my "Suck for a Buck" bouquet and I made over $50 with those blow pops!

Singing on stage at a bar is quite an experience, I had so much fun and I'm glad my friends got me up there. From what they say, the crowd was really into it, but I was too busy trying to remember the lyrics and looking only at my friends, who took the front row.

I just want to say "Thank you" to all of my friends for being so incredible and supportive. You showed me a good time that weekend, but you also convinced me of the power of friendship. You traveled through a snow storm to be there with me and I hope you all know how much that means to me.

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