The Wedding Experience - Bridal Showers

Ryan's aunt JoAnn threw me the first bridal shower with Ryan's grandma's, aunts, cousins, his mother, my mom, and my sister. We went up on a Saturday afternoon in February and enjoy a nice afternoon at Joanie's house.

Ryan's family is so nice and have been so welcoming to me. There was plenty of great food and fun games there and we got some excellent gifts as well!

My mom threw me my second and final bridal shower with my aunts, grandmas, cousins, sister, Lindsey, and mom's friend Lynette. My mom got the most beautiful cake and it was absolutely delicious...mmm Red Velvet!

The party was a Pampered Chef party, so we had a hostess who told us all about the products, had us cook a delicious recipe and shared my wish list with the guests!

It was a great idea to have the Pampered Chef party because no one had to bring gifts, they could just order items off of my wish list...I got some great stuff! The second part of the party was fun where we could socialize and play games. My sister had arranged some fun games and the afternoon was really great.

I had a really good time with my family and Ryan's family and I wish I could have a bridal shower every weekend! Haha, but seriously, I'm really excited to plan someone else's so hurry up and get engaged friends! =)

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