Company Holiday Party

I realize it has been quite a while since I last blogged!  Things have been crazy here.  We were in Vegas last week, and then we moved into our rental house and haven't had internet until last night.  So thanks for bearing with me, but I promise to start updating more again. =)

On January 15th, we had our company holiday party at the newly renovated Blackhawk Hotel in Davenport.  The hotel was absolutely gorgeous.  Ryan and I went with Ashley, Brooke, and Ryan M.  Ashley's boyfriend, Mat, came to join us later.  When we first got there, we got our name tags and two drink tickets per person...umm two?! As if that was enough, lol!  But Ryan was only having one drink, so I got one of his.  We managed to find extras throughout the night, hehe, so without going into much detail, I'm sure you can assume I was having a pretty good time!

They had a pasta bar and lots of delicious hor d'oevres.  My favorite were these salmon brioche things that had capers on them....yummmmm.  Also, the bartender had a heavy hand, so our drinks were awesome too!  After a couple presentations, the DJ put on some great music.  We had so much fun dancing and singing.  Yes, singing!  Did I mention that the DJ brought three extra mics so you could sing/karaoke?  Haha, that totally catered to the more tipsy of the crowd, but we all so much fun.

The highlight of my night, yes I am a nerd, we meeting Frank from The History Channel's American Pickers.  We love that show, and of course, Frank and Mike live here in the QC.  But the part that makes it a lot easier to interact with Frank is the fact that I work with his girlfriend, Becky.  Becky is a pretty good friend of mine at work, and after hearing some silly stories about me being incapable of introducing myself because I get starstruck every time I see Frank in public, she took me over to him to introduce me.  Haha, it was kind awkward, but as the night went on...it was a lot easier to talk to him like he was just a normal guy, so now me and Frank are best friends.  OK, not really, but I'm sure I'll see him more in the future and be able to actually TALK to him. LoL.  

After the party, we went to some bar (not even sure which one, haha), but we played pool and Brooke and Ryan sang some karaoke!  It was a really great night and an excellent send-off to Las Vegas (we left the next day).

Here are some lovely pics from the night :)
Ashley, Becky, Me
Meeting Frank for the first time (I look like I'm trying to shrink to his level!) lol
Lovin' me some B
We're like, totally, the three musketeers! I love working together :)
Me and Christina
Me, Frank!, and Ashley
Ashley and my husband
Dance Party!!
Jaqui singing "At Last"...she rocked it!
Brooke and Ryan singing karaoke at the bar
I was spreading the love by this point.
Silly Mat <3

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  1. Woah mats hair is gettin long! Looks like you guys had a great time!