My husband loves me

I have not posted in a while, this I know.  Sorry I've been such a slacker!  And I apologize, but this one's real short too...but I just wanted to throw it out there that I have a pretty awesome husband.  First off, let me just say that I have not gotten flowers at work from him since May 23, 2005! Haha, yup, I remember...it was our one year anniversary, he was always trying to impress me back then.  He has gotten me flowers at home from time to time, but he (and I really) have always agreed that he'd rather spend the money on something more permanent.  I totally understand the logic, but the occasional flowers are nice.  He apparently thought that too because on Monday, my first day on the new job (at a new desk!), HyVee delivered the most beautiful vase of a dozen roses. <3

Yup, he loves me!


  1. o that is awesome!! I haven't gotten flowers from Brad in a vase ever!! lol...What a sweetie!

  2. Oh thats awesome. Yeah Paul isn't a much of a give flowers kind of guy. wah wah! They are beautiful! :)