January Goals

I may or may not have some long-term resolutions...but it seems like every time I tell people what they are, I fail, so those New Years promises are being kept quiet! However, I do have some monthly goals, as always.  Let's take a look at December's goals and see how I did:

1. Send care package to adopted soldier Totally complete! And I also sent a care package to Ben, a friend of mine in Afghanistan
2. Take Zumba twice a week and work out two other times a week I've been pretty close with this one... definitely done Zumba once a week and hit the gym 2-3 times per week!
3. Finish book club book I did and I wrote about it, just have to get 1984 under my belt now.
4. Finish Christmas shopping by Dec 15, wrap gifts by Dec 20, send cards by Dec 24. Check!
5. Make New Year's Eve plans Though our plans shifted and changed, we still had a good time with Brooke and Ryan, like originally planned!
6. Skype more FAIL! I didn't even skype once in December :(

OK, I would have to say that I had a pretty successful December!  I know my goals weren't too challenging, but it felt great to set deadlines and actually meet them.  So here are some of my January goals:
1. Continue gym routine including Zumba and regular gym use
2. Finalize renting a house and being packing for the move
3. Finish 1984 by January 10th and begin The Weight of Silence
4. Focus on eating more natural/organic foods, try to cut out processed food
5. Remember to forgive myself for slip-ups on food, take it one day at a time
6. Just breathe In other words, try not to stress about things out of my control and go with the flow.

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