Ringing in the New Year

Ryan and I spent New Years at Brooke and Ryan's (her Ryan) house.  We play Euchre for like 3 1/2 hours, with one break for the ball drop and a champagne toast!  Brooke and Ryan had just moved into their house, we were the first friends to see it!  It was super cute and offered a lot more space for them and their dogs.  What?  I didn't mention their dogs before?!  Haha, sorry Brooke, but I think I had more fun getting kisses from Dexter and Manny :)  Just kidding, but they are super cute pups, just check out the pics from our night!
Dexter and Manny doing a trick
Good boy Dexter
They both looked away from the camera right as Brooke took the picture...haha!

Manny is so sweet :)


Sleeping under the table...fartin' all night!
Dexter loves me <3

Toasting to 2011

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  1. I have that tank! New york and company!