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OK OK, I'll admit it...it has been over a week since I last posted!  I'm sorry guys!  Mostly, I'm sorry me :) This blog has been something that, as much as I appreciate those very few of you who read it, I have done for myself.  I wanted to start documenting my life as a newly wed, before we start a family, and hopefully after as well.  I want to keep track of all of our adventures, and even just our lovely nights in!  Unfortunately, not only have I been slacking on blogging, and tweeting...but I've been missing out on some great picture opportunities!  Two weekends ago, I visited Shae in Chicago...first time I've seen her in two years and I didn't take a single picture (though I think she has some she needs to email me!).  And Christmas was last weekend...my camera never made it out of my purse.  We had six, that's right, count them, SIX Christmases in three days, saw lots of people and didn't take any pictures.  Well, I am insistent on changing that, starting tonight! It is New Years Eve and we have some fun plans with Brooke and Ryan and I promise to take pictures! =)

To be honest, I've had posts in my head and just have been to busy to sit down and write it all out.  But one thing I definitely wanted to post about were some of my favorite Christmas gifts.  So, sorry for the lack of pictures, but here is my list of favorites this year:
4. Money for Vegas!!
5. Iced coffee tumbler (not the same one, but similar)

What were some of your favorite gifts?

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