Sunday Special - Stephanie B

Stephanie is another one of my good high school friends who luckily is STILL one of my great friends!  Stephanie and I started our friendship during freshman year of high school.  We definitely knew each other before that through church and activities...but we truly didn't become good friends until high school.  Stephanie has always been someone who is really easy to talk to and has excellent advice.  She doesn't hide anything from you, is always very honest, but also very sentimental and caring.  Often times, when we get together, we have a deep and meaningful conversation, a reminiscing session, a crazy drunk night out, and a laughing attack, all in one night.  It never fails that I have an awesome time when I see Steph and I always look forward to the next time I get to see her!  Stephanie and Kyle are getting married next year, in Dubuque!  I am blessed to be able to be their singer and I can't wait to find out what music we decide on. :)

Stephanie, thank you for all of the fun times, the funny times, the crying times, the crazy times, and the loving times.  You are a great friend and I can't wait to see you again!
Florida Freshman Year
Steph, Lindsey and I during choir...sophomore year?
Visiting Alli in IC
Iowa City two years later!
Out in Davenport a few months ago
So excited to see Steph a couple weeks ago!!
Stephanie, Adrienne, and me night out in DPort
Stephanie and her fiance, Kyle

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