December Goals

Since I had surgery on November 1st, I never got around to making November goals and evaluating my success on my October goals.  So first, here's an evaluation of my October goals:
October Goals

1. Join the Y, and use it at least 3 times a week Finally did this Monday this week!  I'm going tonight for Zumba :)
2. Lose 4-8 pounds  In October, I do believe I lost 4 pounds
3. Write more letters/cards Totally!!
4. Weekly girls night This kinda flopped, but we made up for it with a girls weekend in Omaha in November!
5. Ride bike twice a week, one long ride, and at least one shorter (1 hour) ride Unfortunately, I didn't get out as much as I wanted...I probably rode my bike 1-2 times a week, but I only took one long ride in the entire month
6. Be able to run two miles by the end of the month I have yet to test myself on a treadmill, or track, but now that I'm finally a member of the Y, I'll be able to track this better.

OK, based on some of those evaluations, this time of year, and my current mood :), here are my December goals:
1. Send care package to adopted soldier
2. Take Zumba twice a week and work out two other times a week
3. Finish book club book (another post)
4. Finish Christmas shopping by Dec 15, wrap gifts by Dec 20, send cards by Dec 24.
5. Make New Year's Eve plans
6. Skype more

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