Sunday Special - Shae Colett

Where to even begin?  Shae is one of the few people who actually has enough drive, resources, talent, encouragement, and personality to live out her dreams.  She truly knows how to follow her heart and intuition.  I have always been so proud of Shae and everything she has accomplished, and I still am.  She is currently living in San Francisco, still dancing her little heart out!  Though personally, I think the Midwest could use her back here... ;) But in all honesty, I couldn't be more happy for Shae and everything she has accomplished before the age of 25!

Shae was one of my best friends in high school, and luckily, despite the distance, we continue to remain good friends with tons of good memories to look back on.  She was always such an amazing friend, for example: One night, we had rehearsal run really late for one of our plays, and I still had to go home and study and prepare for my physics test first thing in the morning.  In the morning, while I was studying in the classroom before the test, Shae brought me a card, a white chocolate Hershey bar, and a cappuccino and wished me luck on the test!  And that's the kind of friend she has always been to me...and I only hope I have returned the favor!

Shae, you are an inspiration to me and I am so proud to know you.  Thank you for all of the great memories and I look forward to making more with you.  <3 you!
LP Car wash
Homecoming Senior Year
Shae's Bday after FAME...the froggie blanket I gave her!
At Internationals for Godspell...BIG smiles!
All the girls right before we left for college
Freshman year of college, home visiting :)
New Years 2006
Last time I saw Shae :( Almost two years ago...


  1. Oh Sarah, you are so sweet. Thank you so much for the lovely post. I would never have been able to follow my dreams if it wasn't for the support of people like you! You are wonderful and your unconditional love and support mean the world to me! I miss you so much and hope to see you soon! xoxo

  2. PS there are some crazy old pictures on this thing! We defiantly need some updates!

  3. Well am I going to be seeing you over the Xmas holiday?! We'll take some then!!