Book Club - Nineteen Minutes

Oh my gosh, I am so behind on blogging about this.  Well, I'm actually a little behind on blogging in general.  Hopefully we can all recognize that this is a busy time of year and unfortunately I have been neglecting my blog!  I promise it will all change after the new year!!  But for now, let me catch you all up on book club.

Nearly two weeks ago now, our beautiful book club met and discussed our first official book club book, "Nineteen Minutes."  Have you ever read this book?!  Without sharing too much, the book centers around a school shooting that happens at a high school in New Jersey (no, it's not based on a true story).  The book starts off a little scattered because it introduces all of the characters, mostly students in the high school.  As the crime scene and court case unfold, you learn more about the relationships between all of the characters: kids, parents, police officers, judge, siblings, etc.  It was truly an amazing book, probably because it felt so real.  I have never cried while reading a book before....that's right, did you hear me?


I have NEVER cried while reading a book before...until now.  And I even cried twice!  I would definitely recommend this book, as long as you aren't looking for a perfectly happy and funny book.  It is definitely a good book, and great for book club!

Next on the agenda: "1984."  I am so pumped to read it!  But no joke, I wasn't kidding when I said this is a very busy time of year, I haven't even started the book yet!  I will have it done by our next book club though.  And if any of you want to join in, you can leave comments on my blog as to what you thought about the book we read if you have read it too!

Happy Christmas week everyone!! =)

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