Our Favorite Meals - Pad Thai

There is a restaurant in Davenport called Exotic Thai and it is phenomenal!!  But we try to not go out to eat too often, especially to the same place too many times.  So one time, we were strolling through HyVee, our local grocery store, in the "oriental" section (I hate that word) and we saw Pad Thai sauce...sounds yummy.  So we checked out the recipe on the back and picked up all the necessary ingredients.  The first time we made it, it was really good, but not spicy enough...so we have made some alterations to that original recipe.  We buy chili oil to cook in instead of regular veg/olive oil, and we had chili garlic sauce to the pad thai sauce.  We also add broccoli or some other veggie, even though it only calls for chicken or shrimp.

It takes about a half an hour to do it all, if you time it right.  You start off by soaking the noodles (25 minutes).  While they are soaking, you cut the green onions and chop the peanuts (we didn't have peanuts last night).  Also, now is the time to prepare your meat.  If it's shrimp, you pretty much just have to remove the tail.  If it's chicken, you cut the raw chicken breast into little pieces.  Once all that is done, and following the recipe on the back, you see how much time is left for the noodles and start cooking.  I'm not posting the whole recipe right now, but if you really want it, shoot me an email.  But like I said, we kind of alter it for our own tastes.  You could buy the "A Taste of Thai" pad thai sauce and rice noodles and follow the recipe yourself and make the alterations you see fit.  Here are some yummy pics...enjoy! =)

Some shots of most of our ingredients:

Side note: This chopped cilantro from Trader Joe's is awesome!! It's so convenient! Yumm yum yummmmm

The beginning of the cooking process:

It's all done! DELICIOUS!

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  1. Can I come over for dinner?? :) Looks yummy!