And She Runs...

So this post is actually about running, but let's start off with a fun jogging song by Tim Halperin called "She Runs."  Check it out:
So why pick this song for this post? Well, it does have some relevance, but only in the actual running sense.  I have been thinking about how I am trying to become a runner, or at least more athletic, which to me, includes running.  But here's the deal; I really, really try to run for extended amounts of time, and it KICKS MY *SS!  I think there are some people who are runners and some who are not.  It's hard to try to become a runner when you really never have been.  I remember DREADING "The Mile" day in elementary because I hated running.  And I wasn't a fat kid, I danced, I rode my bike, I just hated running.  And even to this day, the idea of running sounds great, but when I actually get out there and do it, I don't love it, my knees hurt, I turn bright red, I huff and puff and I can't wait until I stop.  Haha.  So why do I do it to myself?
I think I have convinced myself that this struggle is a mental block and I can psychologically get over this hatred towards running.  I think that is partially true, but I have tried to push myself harder, or farther, but eventually, my physical exhaustion catches up with me.  
But here's the cold hard truth, fact of the matter is, I think I slowly, VERY SLOWLY, am training my body to accept running as an exercise! 
When I started out on my venture to become a runner, about 5 weeks ago, I could only run for like 30 second spurts at a time until my chest tightened and I need to catch my breath.  And at that point, it was even hard to keep walking at my preferred, very brisk pace (ideal calorie burning).  In the time that has passed since, I suppose you could say I have made some progress, so maybe it will continue to get easier?  Just yesterday, I went on a walk/run and I can now run for about 5 minutes straight before return to walking (still briskly!) for about 10 minutes and then I run another 5 minutes.  It is still totally kicking my butt, and I know 5 minutes of running is a total joke to most people. But this is no small feat for me; when I first did it close to that length without stopping, I was pretty damned proud of myself.  This is the song that gets me through my first 5 minute run of each workout:
I am running (well mostly walking, I'm sure) a 5k in Omaha on the 4th of July, two weeks from today!  But even if I can run 10 minutes of it, I can't wait to celebrate my accomplishment with my friend Ashley, who will inevitably make me eat her dust! :)

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  1. This is good! Congrats! I ran for awhile this year but even once I got used to running I had the worst shin splints every time! Btw running and walking in intervals is actually really good for you and good for you to do even if you can run straight, and it's easier on your body and you can do it for a longer period of time. I used to run/walk on the treadmill for an hour and I would have the treadmill increase in incline when I walked but be flat when I ran.



    Check it out and be proud of yourself! :)