Wednesday Recap

Yes, my Wednesday was cool enough to have a recap.  It is my friend Ashley J's birthday today, so I hosted a grill out/birthday party for her last night because she was out of town last weekend and I'm going to Omaha this weekend (yay!).  So we invited a few friends, played some ladder golf (apparently other people have other names for it), grilled some yummy food, and told many many jokes!  What a great time we had smack dab in the middle of the work week. :) On the menu: brats, burgers, porkchops, cheesy potatoes, pasta salad, and brownies...as well as some other sides.  At the bar, this delicious margarita recipe that's so easy and tastes delicious:
1 can frozen limeade
1 can (Diet) Sierra Mist
1 can Tequila
1 can of beer
Just so it wasn't so strong, and to make it last a little longer, I usually add about 1.5 cans of Sierra Mist.  It's yummy!  So here are a few pics from the night, oh yeah, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASHLEY!!

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  1. What a fun "hump" day! :) Nothing wrong with having a good time in the middle of the week! I spent my night packing up a trailer! :) But we got everything basically loaded from home and Brad's, now to just unload it today at the house!

    Hope to see you soon! Have a good weekend in Omaha!