Our Favorite Meals - Chili

You didn't think I would really give away my chili recipe did you?  Haha.  Well, it'd be hard to give it to you, because I definitely change it up a little every time I make it.  There is no need to measure out ingredients when making chili.  Here are the basics of any ones chili:
-ground beef, turkey, pork, venison, etc.  (we use ground turkey)
-tomato juice
-your beans of choice, we use black beans and Mrs. Grimm's chili beans
-chili powder
I would say, from there on out, how you make chili is totally a personal preference.  Depends on if you prefer it spicy or meaty or vegetabley (hehe).  These are a couple of my ESSENTIAL ingredients (not all because I can't give away all my secrets, =D):
-jalapenos (from the jar, with some of the juice too)
-apple cider vinegar
-lime juice
-an entire yellow onion, cooked first with the ground turkey
I am so glad it's football season, because that means it's also crock pot season.  My first crock pot meal of the year is ALWAYS chili, and it's definitely the one I make the most all year.  But I plan to post some more crock pot recipes as I make them.  And I promise to take more pics next time!  Happy Fall everyone!

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