Weekend Recap - Ganzer Wedding

Saturday was a beautiful day for a wedding! We've been hitting a good stretch of weather lately with weddings, what a blessing!  Stephanie has been one of my friends pretty much since junior high.  And with several years at a great distance, we were still able to keep our friendship strong.  She gratefully asked me to sing in her wedding, so of course I accepted!  It was such a gorgeous day and she was such a gorgeous bride!
We had a good time catching up with some friends and eating some AMAZING food.  They had HyVee catering and I couldn't believe how good it was.  We had prime rib, fantastic mashed potatoes and green beans.  They also made the cupcakes, and the Red Velvet ones were sooo good.
The wedding was up in Dubuque, at one of our favorite locations, the Star Brewery/Stone Cliff Winery.  Ryan and I went there between our wedding and reception with our wedding party.  So of course, it brought back some great, loving memories. =D  Here are some pics from the wedding:

Here is a pic from our wedding!

I sang two songs at their wedding, the first was "In My Life":
The song I sang for the lighting of the unity candle was "You Belong to Me:"

SUCCESS! Both videos finally uploaded :D


  1. you rock! I don't know how you do it! I would be soo nervouse!! you sound great on the video, and I am sure 10x better in person!! yay good job!!

  2. beautiful sarah!! brings tears to my eyes! Love you!