Best. Dessert. Ever.

Ryan and I went to the farmer's market a couple of weeks ago and I just couldn't resist buying a bucket of peaches for $4.  They were good peaches, but there was no way I'd be able to finish them all before they went bad, so I looked to Pinterest for some recipes.  BAM! I found the greatest recipe on the face of this planet.  Behold, Peachy Keen Bars.  I photographed some of the steps, and you'll notice that the recipe calls for canned peaches, but I just used the fresh peaches (about 6-7) and left the skin on!  I would do it the same way again, it was so incredibly fantastic!

I wish my regular camera would have been working, the pictures would have been much better, but I just wanted to show how simple it really is!  I always like to make sure I give credit to the person who created the recipe, so please follow the link above for the recipe.  And trust me, you will not regret making this dessert!

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