Weekend Recap: July 27-29

Can you believe today is the last day of July?!  Yeah, I can't either.  Where has the summer gone?

Last Friday, Ryan was out golfing, so I ran out to Eldridge to pick up some paperwork and a super belated wedding gift that was mailed to my parents.  Yeah, over two years late! Lol.  Better late than never right? My dad and bro were heading to the cheap theaters and settled on the movie "The Hunger Games."  I decided to tag along even though I had already seen it...it's such a good movie!
My brother and his new phone
Saturday morning arrived, and I was full of butterflies.  Hello Bix!  If you've never heard of it, the Bix 7 is a 7-mile race and it's becoming world renowned.  Kenyans win almost every year.  It's a hilly course, but lined with fans and supporters along the entire route and boasts the best after-party I've ever attended after a race...yeah, there was free beer!  I opted to do the Quick Bix (2-miles) since I hadn't really been training, and Brooke joined me!

We walked/jogged the race and then enjoyed all of the free goodies!!  Did I mention there was free beer?!  We met up with Jess and enjoyed a couple of hours down at the party and downtown Davenport.
Later that night, Jess, Ryan and I went to the Street Fest and drank some beers, ate some cheese fries and watched Funktastic 5!  I had never seen them before, but it was soooooo much fun!

Sunday, Ryan and I played golf with my parents out in Eldridge, then enjoyed some pizza, and took another tour of our new house!! 

My favorite room in the whole house!
I have lots more pictures, but there are still a lot of personal belongings around the house, so I'm not going to share those pics.  The pool table, however, is ours to keep!  Woohoo!! :)

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