Pura Vida!

Most of you know that I finally got my tattoo or at least that I was planning to get one, and two weeks ago I finally got it!  My friend Stephanie helped me design it.  I gave her this very basic idea of "Pura Vida" being written within the lines of a heart, and she sketched out a couple designs and I told her which one I liked best.  She took it home, designed it more thoroughly and the following Monday, I was off to O'tool Design.  I always work with Ryan at OD, he did the rose I added on to my first tattoo as memorial to my friend, TJ.  It wraps around my first tattoo that has a cross in it with a little "L" as a memorial to my friend, Lindsey.
This time, I wanted that tattoo on the back of my left shoulder.  This way it could be covered up whenever I needed it to be, but visible in the summer so I can show it off. :)  For those of you who may be wondering what "Pura Vida" means, I posted about it when I first started this blog.  So here it is....my new, simple, beautiful tattoo!


  1. Love love love!

  2. yay! Love how it turned out! - Stephanie Ganzer