Birthday Fun!

Happy Friday!  I'm super excited because later this morning, we're heading to Omaha for the weekend!  This is our fourth year in a row heading there this weekend for the Extreme Beerfest!  But the better perk is that we get to go visit our friends :)

Ryan has made fun of me because somehow my birthday celebrations always carry into the entire week, not just one day.  I'm not complaining...but it's not on purpose!  It's just when we have the opportunity to celebrate with various people.

Celebration #1
Sunday night, Ryan and I went to Bent River for some AMAZING beers: my favorites were the Raspberry Wheat and the Chocolate Imperial Stout.  Then we headed to River House for some wonderful food. :)
Celebration #2
On my actual birthday, Ryan gave me some awesome new Toms sandals, I was showered with cards and messages from loved ones, my coworkers got me an awesome cookie cake, and my family cooked me an awesome dinner and cake at night.
Charlie was helping mom do the dishes. :)
Celebration #3
Last night, Ryan's family took me out to eat and we had a very nice night together.  Of course, I don't have any pictures...boo!

Favorite Gifts I've Received:
1. My new Toms!
2. An orchid from Lindsey
3. Stila make-up brushes and some awesome jewelry from Emily
4. Money, always a wonderful gift :)

Now I can't wait for our weekend in Omaha...friend time!!! :)

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