Girls Weekend 2014

As much as I love having something to look forward to in the dreary winter months, I propose we move girls weekend to the warmer weather seasons!  We had a few girls who couldn't make it this weekend due to illness and weather, but the five of us who were together had a great time!

Emily, Katie, Tessa, and Ashley all met up at my house for a weekend of Olympics, good food, great conversation, and general shenanigans!  It's always a fun time full of laughter hanging out with these girls.
The ghosts of Emily & Katie
On Sunday, after the girls left and I cleaned up a little, I went to my sister's house to meet their new dog, Charlie.  Charlie is amazing!  He is a real lover, and he became quick friends with their other dog, Lucky.  I already can't wait to get over there and hang out with him again! :)
Looking forward to: My first tutoring students tomorrow night, three-day weekend with a date night for my birthday (Can you say Lego Movie?!), and next weekend we're heading to Omaha to visit friends and go to Beerfest! :)

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