Omaha Revisited

Another trip to Omaha is in the books!  It was a wonderful time as always.  Though the drive does feel longer and longer every time.  But luckily, Ryan and I both had Friday off, so we took our time getting there, making a stop in Des Moines on the way.

Friday night, we grabbed some dinner and drinks at Jimi D's with our friends before heading back to Andy and Ashley's house to catch up.
Saturday, Ashley and I got way too many groceries and some coffee before grabbing a bite to eat at DJ's Dugout before Extreme Beerfest (our fourth one!).  I was the DD for Beerfest, so I dropped off Ryan, Andy, Alex, and Ashley and got some shopping in while they drank up.  Later that night, we got back to the Flater's and had a great time playing caps, dancing, talking, laughing, eating, etc.  It was wonderful, but going to bed at 3:30 was not ideal!
Sunday, we left Omaha before anyone woke up and we grudgingly took turns driving our tired asses to Iowa City, where we took a break and went to lunch with Ryan's brother, Michael.  We finally got home around 4:00 and I immediately took a nap!  It was well worth it. :) 
Monday Night Bonus! My friend Ashley J was in town visiting her boyfriend's family, so we spent several hours catching up Monday night. :) Perfect ending to a typical Monday!

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  1. Glad to see everyone enjoying pretzel necklaces! I was the loner the first year everyone thought I was crazy!! haha :) Wish I could've been there this year, for sure next year!! :)