Saturday Swoon

I don't really have a lot to say this morning, because I'm lame and feeling uncreative at 7:00 before work.  So I thought I would just list some things I love, some of my favorite things.  No pics this time because I'm using the baby computer, but maybe I'll come back later and add some.

1. I love Yahtzee
We just bought Yahtzee at Walmart for $5! So far, Ryan and I are tied in the number of games we've won, but he is beating me in points.  This will all change soon...it's on! :)
2. I love when friends randomly decide to visit
My friend, Ashley L texted me on Wednesday night, close to midnight! We were texting back and forth and then she decided she wanted to come visit this weekend! HECK YEAH! She is sleeping on my couch right now! :)
3. I love Fantasy Football
This is my first year being in a FF league and I think I am more competitive than my husband! It's been a lot of fun and definitely gets me more pumped for Sunday game days!
4. I love "How I Met Your Mother"
I literally just started this show about a week and a half ago...I'm already in the middle of season 3.  I can't believe I've been missing out this long!
5. I love Omaha, NE
Not only do some of our best friends live there, but it is a fun city! There is a lot to do, a lot of great restaurants, a rockin' farmer's market, sweet secondhand stores, etc. It's a city, without feeling too big and it's affordable! But it's looking like my hopes of moving there aren't all that realistic.

I think that list is long enough for now :) I'm sure I will share more stuff in the future.  What are some things that you love?     


  1. I love that you love Omaha. Trader Joe's opened yesterday. Just one more reason to move west...

  2. Trader Joes just opened the other day here too! Weird.

  3. I absolutely miss living in Omaha. I took it for granted.