Halloween Weekend

Twas the weekend before my surgery, and all Sarah wanted to do was have fun!  So we did :) We started the weekend off with a night in Des Moines with Nick & Emily.  Love these crazy kids! ;) We played Sequence and Hearts, had some drinks and ate Emily's yummy snacks.  We also watched The Descent...my first time seeing it, FREAKY! Here are some pics from our night in DM.

Emily's taco dip=delish!
Love youuuuu
Playing hearts
Love birds <3
My drink of the night...of course
Booo Packers!
In the morning, we headed to Omaha where we stayed with Ashely and Andy!  We went to lunch at Wheatfields, where everything on the menu looked to die for.  We all got great food.  My burger was the size of my head and Andy's meal was served on a cutting board!

My yummy cheeseburger
Andy's meal
Then Ashley and I went shopping and found some cute clothes for her engagements pictures this coming weekend! When we got home, I had Ashley and Andy open their special surprise.  Enjoy the reenactment photos :)

We finished off the day with a costume party/bar adventure.  I didn't end up drinking much because of the upcoming surgery.  But it worked out because I got to drive us home and we blasted the home intruder song on the way home with the windows down! "Hide yo kids hide yo wife" Good times!

Geez Favre, no one wants to see your junk!
I am truly in love with Ashley's stache
Sunday was pretty chill, we made some snacks for football and Ashley and I ended up napping before Ryan and I had to head home.  It was a great weekend and great way to keep my mind off of surgery.  

Sleepy Calypso
Tortilla roll-ups I made :)
Thank you friends for a fun time!!


  1. I loooove the costumes. Good job guys.

  2. Awww your glasses are super cute!