Birthday Weekend Recap: Feb 15-18

As you get older, the celebration of your birthday gets smaller and smaller.  You don't necessarily want everyone to know its your birthday, or maybe spending it with family is all you really need for a celebration.  I feel lucky and blessed that I got a little taste of both this past weekend!

Friday night, my parent's were actually at a family friend's daughter's 21st birthday party, so I hung out with my little bro!  I love spending time with my little brother, even when all we do is watch funny movies...because I love to hear his laugh.  We got some snacks, curled up on the couch, and watched Pitch Perfect.  It was a wonderfully peaceful and fun evening.
The next morning, I worked out!  What?  It's been so long...but it felt great.  We ran a few errands and I took a short nap.  What a glorious thing a nap is! After we ate some dinner, we went to the Mallards hockey game (fun!) before meeting up with Brooke and Ryan at one of our favorite local breweries, Bent River.

My rum and diets kept getting smaller...
Sunday: clean clean clean!  We were having family over at 2:00.  It was so wonderful to have our parents and siblings over for a super relaxing, chill afternoon.  We simply had a couple snacks, played some games, and enjoyed each other's company.  I scored some money for a new mattress, a biking tshirt, a super cute wallet/purse, and a Cards Against Humanity IOU from Ryan (they're sold out again)!
Ryan and his friend Jason in Preschool (His mom brought lots of pics over)
On Monday, my actual birthday, I had a retreat for work.  There were some nice surprises including the fact that one of my good friends received some great recognition, Brooke participated in a dance in front of everyone, and there was a really awkward singing of "Happy Birthday" for me while my picture was on three large screens...EEK!  This was all followed by lunch with some of my closest coworkers, mattress shopping, grocery shopping, and watching Seven Psychopaths.
It was a happy birthday.  It is definitely the week of birthdays among some of my close friends.  So a very happy birthday to Ashley, Jess, and Stephanie!


  1. Sarah I love your birthday pic! Can you share it with me on facebook? Mom

  2. I'll email it to you. - Sarah

  3. love your birthday dress! so pretty!