Vacation Recap: Jan 17-21

I'm a little behind in this recap, sorry!  We landed home from our trip on Monday, January 21 at 10:00pm and I woke up Tuesday sick!  I have been pretty sick since then...started feeling better yesterday!  So I have been lazy about uploading and editing my pictures, and I finally got around to it this morning!

Earlier this month, Ryan and I joined Andy and Ashley in Cancun, Mexico for a quick little getaway!  I'm not going to make you read detailed descriptions of the whole trip, so I'll give you the quick rundown along with plenty of pictures.

-Long layover at Dallas airport
-Land in Cancun on a windy, cloudy, and cold day
-Wandered the resort and decided it was awesome
-Dinner, drinks, early bed time!
-Cool morning in Cancun, warm morning in Tulum
-Breakfast was yum-yum
-Fun and informative drive down to Tulum with our new friend Edgar (our driver)
-Tour the mayan ruins of Tulum, beautiful
-Lunch and shopping in Playa del Carmen
-Euchre until midnight and walk on the beach at 1:00am: AWESOME
-Early morning wake-up call for beds by the pool
-RELAX and read all morning
-Swimming in the ocean
-Reservations at Italian restaurant
-Lame early bed time (we were so full from dinner!)

-Another morning on the beach, swimming in the ocean
-Walked to La Isla shopping center
-Watched the playoff game at Hooters
-Ashley and I USED THE SWIM-UP BAR (even though it was freezing cold)
-I had a little too much tequila in a short amount of time, it was kind of funny
-Dinner at the Asian restaurant
-More Euchre!
-Sunrise on the beach (I apologize in advance for all the pictures!)
-Left the hotel at 9:30 for the airport
-Spent way more time than needed in the Cancun airport
-Long wait to get back into the US
-Landed in Moline at 10pm and 5 degrees outside

I could have spent another four days there, our trip was too short!  But it was a great time with great friends who we can't wait to see again!


  1. I need a giant lounge chair to go with my giant chicken!

    1. Absolutely, I'll work on hunting one down for you!