February Goals

January Goals
1. Hit the gym 4 times per week
           Did it!
2. Eat out less, a whole lot less (as I write these goals at Panera!)
           Pretty good, but the unexpected meals did come up
3. Organize a bible or book study with friends
           Did it!  We've had two bible studies already :)

So let's see, January was pretty successful!  Nice to set goals that are attainable, as long as I make a plan to complete them.  I'm going to shoot for the same things in February.

February Goals
1. Stick with our healthy eating plan
2. Celebrate my birthday with my family
3. Finish the book I started in Mexico

What goals have you set for the month?  I will be readdressing goals next week when Lent starts...I always have a good deed to-do list and this year it's quite expansive and exciting! :)

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