(Girls) Weekend Recap: February 8-10

If you are a girl, and especially if you have good girl friends, than you totally understand the necessity of a "Girl's Weekend."  For several years we had bachelorette parties and an annually scheduled girls weekend; our group of friends actually had a lot of girl time together.  However, the last bachelorette party was in August...and the girl gatherings were lacking.  And thus, the 2013 Girl's Weekend was born.
What does a good Girl's Weekend consist of?  Good talks, lots of snacks, wine, games, shopping, thrifting/antiquing, wine, delicious dinners, local events, wine, and pictures!
Do you have to know everyone who will be there? Heck no!  It's fun getting know the other girls in your girlfriends' lives.  Only requirements: no penises, big hearts, and a sense of humor!
What if you're pregnant?  No worries!  Every year we have had a lovely lady pregnant, and trust me, it doesn't hinder the fun, even if it is a little boy kicking around in there.  Bring on the babies!  Someday Girl's Weekend will be more like a Friend's Reunion with lots of kiddos running around.  But we'll still make it work!
How do you get one started?  Be cool, contact your friends, pick a date, and get together.  With or without concrete plans, I guarantee you will have a good time and feel refreshed.  Every woman needs an estrogen boost from time to time. 

Enjoy your future Girl's Weekends, as I did mine!  Happy Thursday. :)

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  1. FYI - Pregnant girl not pictured...how did I not take a picture with you Tessa?!