St. Pat's Party

It is becoming an annual tradition to participate in the St. Patrick's Day 5K.  Of course, the first year I did it, it was 70 degrees outside and Brooke and I were in T-Shirts!
Of course, the past two years have NOT brought us the same Irish luck!  BUT, we start the day the same...with a drink!  This year was chilly, so Ali and I got some coffee and topped it off with some Irish Creme.  That warmed us up before the race.
Applying tattoos!
About to finish, with an impressive time of 48:00 after stopping to use the restroom! :)
Cheers to another successful St. Patrick's celebration!  I enjoy traditions, so I think the 5k will be a must for me each year.  I like getting outside, it reminds me spring is around the corner.  And I love spending time with friends doing silly things in the mornings instead of just at night! :)

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