Not In Control

Sometimes I just need to remember that there is a plan for me and I need to trust in it.  I subscribe to the blog listed in the graphic above and this came at a perfect time for me this morning.  I have flaws: I'm impatient, I get disappointed easily, and I dwell on things that are out of control.  If I would just allow myself to trust that there is a time for everything, like Ecclesiastes 3 says, then I would be able to let go of some of the anxiety and hurt I'm holding on to.

Like my last post mentioned, I've been working on focusing on the positives.  I'm also creating rewarding distractions for myself.  Some of the projects I have in process right now:

  1. Creating a rotating meal plan for every single meal of the day, including snacks.  I am really good at following plans, but never have found one already made that fits my needs.  It's a lot of work to create a meal plan with accompanying shopping lists and that fits my calorie/fat/fiber/carb goals for the day!
  2. Reorganizing our three spare bedrooms.  We moved our spare bedroom upstairs to the empty bedroom across the hall.  The room that was the spare bedroom is in process of becoming our office/tutoring and voice lesson space.  The piano is set up, and I know where the desk is going, but now we have to take apart and put back together our giant desk that is in our spare bedroom downstairs.  That spare bedroom that is currently the office will be slowly cleaned out and become the nursery when the time is right for us.
  3. De-cluttering. In the process of moving around our three spare rooms, we are discovering a lot of unorganized mess and even some boxes that were never unpacked when we moved.  I guess we've started our spring cleaning early, but we've already made two HUGE trips to Goodwill and there are plenty more to come.
  4. Planning my vacation. I'll admit, I've been anxious to plan this for months, and I truly am taking my time because I want to remain flexible while we're in North Carolina.  However, we're just over two months out, and I think that we can start to consider reserving a rental car and reserving nights in hotels.  We already have two nights on Outerbanks taken care of and a night in Richmond, VA on the way down.  I have to plan a little bit since Ryan wants to get home in time on the following Saturday for a bachelor party.  This is my most fun distraction!
#throwbackthursday :)
Some other things I'm looking forward to in the immediate future:
  • I get to visit my best friend, Brooke, this weekend!! She moved about two hours away back in October, and outside of just stopping by to get lunch with her, this dumb winter has prevented our ability to visit each other.  I can't wait for some one-on-one time with this girl!
  • Friday night, Jess, Emily, Alli, and I are going to a murder mystery dinner!  I've never been to one, but I am so pumped for it!
  • At the end of this month, my sister, mom, aunts, and cousin will be spending a night in Galena, IL.  I'm really excited about this weekend getaway and hope to make it a regular thing.  
  • The final Sunday of the month, I'll leave Galena to head to Wisconsin to attend my friend Alli's baby shower!  She is due in May, I haven't seen her at all while she's been preggers.  I can't wait to hug her and see her beautiful face and laugh together. 
Life is good.

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