Weekend Recap: March 21-23

Friday night was finally time for fish fry!! Ali and I went to St. Alphonsus and apparently got there early enough to beat the lines, though we had a hell of a time finding a place to sit!
 We went back to Ali's for a bit to finish getting ready and hang out with her cool animals.  Then we headed to the Daiquiri Factory for some samplers before going to RIBCO (Rock Island Brewing Company).
 Ali's boyfriend, Zach, is in a band that was playing that night, so I was really excited to hear them for the first time.  The bonus of the night was that Theresa came too and I was really excited to see her since she is moving back to Georgia in a couple weeks. :(
 The Bromigos (the band) had a great show and I had a great time.  Another extra bonus, I had my eye on the Cyclones game the whole time and WE WON!!
Saturday, I spent most of the day at home.  I went to the gym in the morning and hung out and watched basketball most of the day.  Ryan and I went to the Mallards hockey game that night and then grabbed a beer at Bent River.
Peter being weird.
We were ridiculously early to the game.
On Sunday, I went to Church (it's been too long!) and then we hurried to get some grocery shopping done before heading to my parent's house for the Cyclones game.  It was an odd ending to the game, but CYCLONES WIN!  We're heading to the Sweet Sixteen.  Please enjoy this video of Fred Hoiberg (the coach) celebrating the win. :)
Happy Tuesday!

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