Belated Weekend Recap

Last weekend, Ryan and I headed up to Omaha with every intention of going to Beerfest.  However, tickets for Beerfest were sold out, but we decided to go anyway and spend time with our good friends that live out there!

Friday night we stayed with Laura and Jason.  We got there around 8:00 and after a few drinks at their place, we headed to this new piano bar downtown.  We had a ton of fun and some great talks!

The next morning, Laura and I went for tea at this cute little tea shop and she got me some yummy samples to take home with me :)  For lunch, the four of us met Andy and Ashley at the Farmhouse Cafe which has wonderful food, but the service was not so great that day.  But they were really busy, so I can cut them some slack!  Then Laura and Jason had to split from us because they were going to Beerfest (lucky ducks!).  Ryan and I went back to Andy and Ashley's place to get settled and then Ashley and I got some shopping done!  We had a great time spending the afternoon together, talking, and in hunt of the perfect new top for Ashley (which we FINALLY found!).

After teasing the boys a little bit about our whereabouts, we headed to Brick House for some good eats.  Ashley reviewed this restaurant in a post of her's, and I would have to agree with her.  The atmosphere is good, the food is delicious, but the waitresses outfits are tacky...but it's all in good fun!  I had this amazing sandwich called the Yardbird Chicken or something like that, I'll probably get it every time I go because it was so amazing!

We went to couple bars that night, but ended up back at the apartment playing Euchre.  Ashley and I kicked the boys' butts and they were so mad! LoL.  But c'mon, it's our birthdays, you can't throw a fit when we win!

Sunday, we grabbed lunch, stocked up at Trader Joe's and headed home.  It was a great weekend, I love Omaha and I LOVE my friends.  Thank you all for making it so wonderful!
My Scheetzy-baby
Mine's the yard bird chicken sandwich
Beer bong!
My delicious food
The birthday girls!


  1. I love those giant beers at the piano bar! Big enough that it requires two hands :) Hope you birthday is so full of fun that you have to hold on to it with both hands too! Love you!

  2. I wanna go to Omaha!! Every time you go it sounds like so much fun!!! And I wish I had a couple that me and Brad could play euchre with! We need to come home and hang out with you and Ryan more often!