Trying New Things

...Drinks that is! I had a lot of fun this weekend with some good friends (and my sister!) sampling new beverages and making yummy shots!  My friend Ashley M told me about these Skinnygirl Margaritas, so instantly, I had to try them.  I am a huge margarita fan, but an even bigger one now that I can have a strong one for less calories.
Not as sweet as a regular marg
37 calories per 1.5 oz (1 oz of regular tequila is 70 calories alone)
Cute bottle :)
No mixing required, comes ready to pour
A little pricey, $14 for the bottle

All in all, it was worth it...but because of the cost, I won't be making it a regular purchase. I had fun with Ashley J on Friday though, we enjoyed our margaritas and chocolate chip cookie dough while watching the movie Flawless which was made in 1999 and has Robert DeNiro and Philip Seymour-Hoffman in it.  We really liked it, but read the synopsis before you watch it so you know what you're getting into! Haha.

Saturday night, unfortunately, my camera batteries died and they take FOREVER to charge, so I only got a couple of pics of the prep and none of all of us having fun!  Brooke and I decided that Saturday night would be Euchre and Shots night!  So Ryan and I found some good shot recipes and hit up the liquor store, we walked out with 5 bottles of liquor.  And if any of you know what our liquor collection is like, I didn't know how we could possibly need anymore!  We had to buy more vodka, and then we got amaretto, sour apple pucker, hot damn, and melon schnapps.  Check our some of our shot recipes:

We also made apple pie and cream soda shots. 
Chocalate Cake (it was amazing how it ended up tasting like that!)
Cream Soda
Blow Job
Not so much
Broken Down Golf Cart
Apple Pie (but that's just me...I hate cinnamon apple)
Anyway, I got all of our shot glasses out and two shakers and was ready to get the party started.  Oh, did I mention that there only going to be six of us?  Originally, it was only going to be four, but then Emily and Brad came to town, and I'm glad they did!
When Brooke and Ryan got there, we played some Euchre (our favorite card game to play together).  Then, when Emily and Brad got there, we talked, watched some YouTube videos, and then played some classic family games..."Shit on your neighbor" and Spoons!  We had a lot of fun and I can't wait to have another night like that soon!  Though, I don't think I'll be buying any new liquor for awhile.


  1. I had a great time! Thanks so much for letting us stay over!! I hope to come again some time soon!!

  2. omg next time I come over I want a blowjob, chocolate cake, orgasm, and m&m. Please and thank you.

  3. Emily D, I am MORE than willing to have some of those shots again...plus, I have all the liquor for them all :) Now come visit please!!

  4. you should try banana colada! i had it once, about 2 months ago. and ever week i need to have one. weird, because i sort of hate pina colada.... Julia :)

  5. mmm, i love banana though! thanks for the suggestion :)