I just noticed that my last posts was my 100th post!  I am both happy and sad about this...hehe.  For one, I am very proud of myself for sticking with this and keeping it going for about a half a year now!  However, I am also feeling short on ideas for what to blog about.  I apologize for my posts being few and far between (yes, I am sorry to you 6ish readers of my blog!)

If you have any ideas for posts that you would share with me, I would be so grateful!  I need to apologize to Ashley M, because it feels like half the time I'm stealing posts from her...apparently I'm fresh out of creativity!  So thank you all for any suggestions you give me!  Now off to spend the day with mommy! :)


  1. I like reading about cooking/baking! I bet you got some awesome stuff at trader joes you could post about! :D

  2. You are not "stealing" my ideas! I would like to read more about what you do from day to day. Maybe take us through a day in the life of Sarah! Don't forget to include lots of pictures :)

  3. Umm I am pretty sure I steal most of my ideas from you, so that is why I haven't posted as much, because you haven't! haha I agree you should do a day in the life of. You should also post a tour of your house for those of us who live far away and can't see it. I was thinking about doing a top 10 of my favorite sites/places I've been...I don't know...I need to find time to blog, that is my problem I think! haha!

    miss you!