Pardon the Mess

Due to the high demand of this particular post, please enjoy a tour of my house in pictures! (For those of you that don't know, Ryan and I are renting a house, we did not buy this place)  Also, we are STILL trying to find the right spot for everything, still reorganizing, and still going through some extra stuff we don't need...so pardon the mess.  Enjoy! =)
Front of our house, cute right?
Side yard
Back yard/garage (and yes, we have  picnic table!)
Side entrance, the one we use
Entry way/mud room
Nook (it's a mess right now!)
Looking into dining room from kitchen
Stairs to basement (not that exciting)
Basement also is laundry room
Dining room
Between dining room and living room
Part of living room
More living room
TV/stairs in living room
Game nook!
Looking up into hallway upstairs
Looking into TINY bedroom...the cat room
As you can see, the cat room
One of my closets (yes...I said one of!!)
Pardon the destruction!  Bedroom.
Bedroom (still working on the extra stuff)
My other closet =)
Linen closet in the hallway
TINY bathroom
Aww yeah, we have a window in our shower!
Love the ceiling in the bathroom!
Office (Again, dumping ground for crap right now)
Ryan's closet
Wear the sewing machine and keyboard will go
Peter with crazy eyes...a good addition don't you think?
Peter looking cute! =)
Newest wall addition (in living room)


  1. Love the new pic! Mom

  2. I don't think I ever noticed the ceiling in the bathroom before! Cool!!