February Goals

What?! I'm only 6 days behind...that's not so bad considering. :)

Let's take a gander at those good ol' January goals:

1. Continue gym routine including Zumba and regular gym use I was as good as I could be, with the vacation and moving, it was hard to get to the gym as often as I wanted to, but I did what I could!
2. Finalize renting a house and being packing for the move CHECK! :)
3. Finish 1984 by January 10th and begin The Weight of Silence Book club got pushed back, and then none of us finished 1984...fail!  But I did begin The Weight of Silence, woohoo.
4. Focus on eating more natural/organic foods, try to cut out processed food Again, this was really challenging with the vaca and the move, but Ryan and I are really trying to focus on this as we get settled in.  It's hard though, because it costs a lot more to eat healthy unfortunately.
5. Remember to forgive myself for slip-ups on food, take it one day at a time I'm definitely not being as hard on myself as I usually am, but I also hope that's not just me getting lazy and giving up on myself.  I know there are people around me who care about me and support me and will help to kindly remind me to do healthy things for myself!
6. Just breathe In other words, try not to stress about things out of my control and go with the flow. Yeah, I think I have been trying to focus on this a little more.  To accept the changes that have happened around me and try to make the best of them.  I'm trying hard to not get discouraged by things I don't fully understand.

Ok then, all that put out there, I need think my biggest thing is to continue focusing on a lot of those main ideas.  February goals:
1. Focus on showing more appreciation for the people and things in my life
2. Enjoy my birthday! I'm gonna have a quarter of a century old...and I usually don't get too excited about my birthday, but this year, I'm pretty pumped!
4. Create a budget for what we need to spend on weddings this year and start saving more each month!
5. Spend more time with my Little
6. Spend more time with myself. I think some me-time is in store this month.

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