May Goals

After reading my friend Ashley's blog and evaluating my own success with my April goals, I'm wondering if April is Latin for FAIL?! Haha, I can't say it was a horrible month, we had some good times.  Unfortunately we also had some not so good times.  And I think both of which are the reason some of my goals were not accomplished.  Let's have a look see:

  • Meet my 10 Pound Goal Nope, it was gonna be easy until I didn't weigh in one week to realize I had gained two pounds and kept on going the next week.  So I had to make up for that.  This is such a slow process!! But I do feel healthier and that I am getting better at making the right choices.
  • Read a new book HA!
  • Ride at least one 15 mile bike ride by the end of the month What a disappointment, I didn't get on my bike at all except to ride it to and from the bike shop which is like one mile away.  To my credit, the weather has been awful, rainy, windy, or way too cold.  
  • Go to Church every Sunday We went two out of four, that's better than nothing!
So I did actually get out on my bike last night and rode 10 miles already!  Maybe that's not a lot to some of you, but it kicked my butt and took just over an hour.  The part of the path I rode has a couple of steep hills, so it was good practice.  I think that's a pretty good start to May, so here are some hopefully more realistic goals (you'll see a pattern, hehe):
  • Meet my 10 pound goal...and then some
  • Read "The Help"
  • Ride at least three 15-mile and one 20-mile bike rides by the end of the month
  • Go to Church when I can
  • Send more mail
I hope May turns out to be the fantastic month I expected April to be!  The weather is getting nicer and my "diet" is getting easier.  Also, my friends and I started a new book/movie club which I think will motivate me a little more for reading.  I hope the few of you that actually read this have a happy May!

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  1. April is the latin word for TERRIBLE! I hate April...it not only rains on my life it pours, the past few years April is my dreaded miserable month, so lets just say, you aren't alone! I disappear in April, started to emerge again, lets phone date soon! I am thinking about you and love yoU!