Sometimes, I miss Ames

As much as I was ready to GET OUT when we graduated, I have days when I really miss Ames, and Iowa State, and the lifestyle I had then.  I am definitely not complaining about the life I have now, but just saying that there are some random things I miss:

  • Wednesday night's Name that Tune during the summer
  • F.A.C., especially patio at Element when the weather was nice
  • Good restaurants! The Cafe, Homestyle Chinese, Hickory Park, The Grove Cafe, Dublin Bay, Olde Main, and La Fuente to name a few
  • Bartenders that actually knew me (though maybe that's not a good thing!)
  • Ok, don't make fun of me for this one...but I miss college.  I miss writing papers, working on projects, staying up late to finish homework.  It sounds weird, but I liked being a student.
  • Petersen's Pit on hot days
  • Tailgating
  • Intramural sports
  • Living close to some of my best friends
  • My Macbook
  • Iowa State campus
  • Reimann Gardens
Ok, that list is getting pretty long!  I mostly miss summer in Ames.  I loved the chill atmosphere and the variety of casual activities that kept me entertained!  Luckily, and oddly, I have found some similar activities or at least good replacements for a lot of what I liked about Ames.  I have been surprisingly happy here in the Quad Cities! :) Here are some great things I have loved in the Quad Cities:
  • Wednesday night karaoke with the girls
  • Playing golf with Ryan and my mom
  • Living less than a mile away from the bike path
  • Fantastic microbreweries
  • Great restaurants! Exotic Thai, Los Agaves, The Olive Tree Cafe, Cafe Fresh, Mojo's, Woodfire Grill, The Belgian Village...to name a few
  • Boating with Kyle in the summer
  • A variety of summer festivals on the river
  • The fabulous farmer's market!
  • Being close to my family
  • Getting involved in various community activities: Big Brother's Big Sisters, finding a Church I like, taking voice lessons, volunteering for things at work
  • Living pretty close to Chicago
  • Making some great new friends
  • Having a house, not an apartment anymore
There are a lot of things I miss, but a lot of things I wouldn't trade for the world.  I had a great time in Ames, I'm having a great time in the Quad Cities, and I'm sure we'll have a great time wherever our lives take us next! =)

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